More safety,
more precision,
more simplicity.

The iCup obstetrical soft-cup vacuum-assisted extractor is an instrumental device for extracting the fetus. It is a sterile, single-use, disposable device that is ready-to-use. iCup is used to provide flexion and limited traction, and to induce rotation. It is used to help women give birth via the natural birth canal. The iCup consists of a cup-shaped vacuum chamber measuring 5 cm in diameter and 2.5 cm in height.

Aspiration inside the cup is circumferential to the inner roof in order to maximize efficacy, and to avoid any risk of obstruction of the vacuum system. The flexible vacuum tube, which emerges from the dome of the cup, is 1.40 m in length (to avoid restricting the movements of the obstetrician), and ends in an adjustable-diameter adaptor designed to fit most of the vacuum pumps on the market. This tube is strengthened by an inner reinforced tube where it emerges from the cup to avoid any risk of obstruction due to kinking during the extraction.

There is a smooth inner roof inside the cup, which is slightly convex, and to which a protective filtering layer of open-pore, synthetic foam is applied. The flange on the cup is supple, making it less likely to damage the scalp of the fetus, and the inner and outer surfaces of the cup are smooth in order to avoid injuring the mother's birth canal.