Gyn&Cube pessary

Gyn&Cube pessary

Gyn&Cube pessary

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2 sizes in 1!
Made of silicone with orifice evacuation. To be inserted and removed by the patient.A card intended for the patient is provided in each pack to ensure the best possible follow-up of the treatment.

4 advantages:
- Reinforced cord
- Pyramid-shaped, making it easier to insert and to retrieve
- Two sizes in one
- In latex-free silicone

Indications :
- Stress urinary incontinence during sustained exertion (aerobics, tennis, jogging).
- Moderate or exteriorized prolapse.
- Moderate cystocele and rectocele.
- After childbirth, transient prolapse or incontinence.

Mode d'emploi :
- Inserting the pessary:
The recommended position is the same as that used to insert a tampon: for example, with the patient standing with one foot on a chair, or lying on her back with her head and shoulders raised on pillows. To make it easier to insert, the pessary can be lubricated. It should be grasped between the thumb and forefinger, the labia are separated by the fingers of the other hand, and the pessary inserted into the vagina, leaving half of the pessary sticking out, and then pushing it inwards along the curve of the vagina.

-Removing the pessary:
Do not use the cord to pull the pessary out. The first thing that has to be done is to abolish the suction by inserting a finger between the pessary and the vaginal vault, then grasping the pessary between the thumb and forefinger and gently removing it, following the curve of the vagina, and using the cord as a guide. A lubricant makes this easier to do.